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New Beginning Mala

New Beginning Mala

Like fresh water this mala will help to wash away old blocking energies to be able to cretae the life you want to live. The Tibetan melong, also called Shamanic mirror has been used by magicians of all kind, all over the world and will support you in what magic you would like to create in your life
  • Composition:  94 black wooden beads 8mm, 14 ocean colored jade stones 8mm, in-between parts of bronze colored glass, one extra jade stone,Tibetan melong (shamanic mirror) in brass with a double dorje on the frontside and the Tibetan astrological chart on the backside
  • Length: 110cm including the pendant, the pendant is 4x4cm
Blessed with mantra: Om Benza Satto Hung (purification)
110 EUR