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I am Mala

I am Mala

This has a Tibetan Melong Shamanic mirror as a pendant . Reflective brass disk is worn with the concave side facing the body to focus positive energy into the body. The convex side has a pattern of 3 dots at the top, bottom, left and right which may represent some of the sets of 3 used in Dzogchen (oldest form of Tibetan Buddhism) e.g., the 3 Jewels, Buddha, Dharma, Sangha; Bases: Essence, Nature and Energy; or Three Wisdoms: Sound, Light, Rays.
This mala helps to instantly connect to your true inner self in perfect alignment with the universal force and nature
The schamanic mirror has been found around the world since 5000 years back used in rituals performed by shamans, astrologers, magicians and healers
  • Composition: 108 sandalwood beads 7mm, in-between parts of gold/bronze colored glass beads, the pendant is a Shamanic mirror (melong) in brass 5,5x5,5cm, handmade in Nepal
  • Length: 116 cm including the pendant,
Blessed with the mantra: "So Hum" (I am that)

85 EUR