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Custom-made malas

A custom-made mala is made specifically for you, according to your needs and whishes. Are you going through a difficult time in your life and/or do you need a little extra support? Are you generally just feeling that something in your life needs to be activated, enhanced or let go?

You can decide for yourself what beads, stones or colors you prefer to use for the mala. It is however Anna’s experience that the best effect is obtained when she gets to use her intuition to decide how the mala should look and what mantra should be used.

In order to give you the best and most accurately created mala for your needs there are a few things that Anna would like to know about you. She is interested in your story and in who you are. It is important to know that you only need to share as much or as little as you feel comfortable with. It is OK to keep it simple and just write, “I need energy”. Below you will find some questions that helps Anna in the process of creating your personal and custom-made mala.


–  What do you need support with in your life right now?

–  What in your life needs to be activated, enhanced or let go?


If you feel comfortable, please attach a photo of yourself to the e-mail.

To order a custom-made mala, please send an e-mail in either Swedish or English with the information asked for above to:

You can also have a private consultation session with Anna to talk about yourself and your life, in order to let her get a better understanding of your situation and your actual needs. Anna works mainly with intuitive and meditational techniques in these sessions.

She has developed these techniques through her own personal and emotional work and has experience of methods like “Counseling from the heart” by Dr Rahasya Fritjof Kraft and “The work” by Byron Katie among others. A private consultation session with Anna costs €98 and takes about an hour. It is also possible to arrange sessions like these via Skype.


The delivery time for a custom-made mala is approximately 2 weeks.